About College Majors & Career Clusters


The current employment outlook for the United States indicates that most jobs will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school. Whether a student is preparing to attend a four-year university, a two-year college or the work force, the exploration of possible careers and college majors is vital. Though many students may continue to change their minds about their career or college major selections, it is valuable for students to explore multiple areas while still in high school to assist in decisions about where their skills and passions exist.

The development of career pathways around the 16 career clusters will facilitate career and college major conversations. The 16 career clusters include:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Manufacturing
  • Education and Training
  • Human Services
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Interactive and Information Technology
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
  • Arts, Audio Visual Technology and Communication
  • Business Management and Communication
  • Finance
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  • Marketing

This website allows students and parents to begin to explore the career clusters and specific District 211 information. Students are encouraged to increase their exploration by logging into their Career Cruising account. Career Cruising is software available to students to explore college and career options specifically tailored to the students’ interests and skills. Career Cruising offers a Matchmaker self-assessment which give students initial clusters to investigate. Students are encouraged to take the assessment multiple times throughout their high school careers as interests may change over time.

Pathways within the 16 clusters represent a specific series of courses to be taken during high school. Students are encouraged to explore different clusters and pathways continually seeking connections to areas of passion and skill.